Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#7 The traffic

Whenever I went back to India for visits, I was hounded by one handicap of mine - the inability to drive in India's manic traffic.
Firstly, I had gotten used to driving on the right hand side of the street in America. And even if I could reverse my brain and train it to drive on the left, I would still be too terrified to be able to drive.
Crossing the streets in India has to be preceded by a soft prayer. In most cases, you will manage to get half the way across before traffic surrounds you from all sides, threatening to dissect you in all directions like a lab-rat.
On the flip side, traffic in America is mostly well coordinated and people follow rules unless the traffic has been blocked for more than an hour or two on the freeway - in which case people ultimately resort to the Indian affliction of honking and cutting people off.
Moral of the story: people behave the same way when you put them under the same circumstances.

But what I love about America is that in most cases, you can be at your destination at a specified time if you plan for it.

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